Operations While Closed

Update: We do not currently have any curbside delivery days planned for the near future. We will keep you informed.

The Louisville Game Shop is currently closed to the public. We sincerely hope everyone is staying safe and sane out there during the current public health crisis.

For the time being, the worker/owners of the shop are in our normal states of physical health. The Shop is not existentially threatened by being closed for the short term. However, we think that tabletop games can be a great thing for people to have while social distancing or isolated. We would like to do what we can to get more games and hobby supplies to people in the community while we can. As always we appreciate folks shopping locally, when possible.

For the time being, we are offering curbside delivery of pre-paid products on select days. This is an experiment for us, so we will announce what days and hours we will be selling via social media outlets and email.

In short: You can contact us via email (Management@thelouisvillegameshop.com) at any time. You can contact us by phone (456-2734) at those times while the store is staffed. You can pay for items you want over the phone with a credit card, or you can pay us via Paypal. You can swing by and get your disinfected games delivered to your vehicle outside the shop, on pre-publicized select days.

Contacting the Shop: The best way to contact the shop is via email. When you write to Management@thelouisvillegameshop.com, either Clay or Colin will get your message and respond. Because we aren’t keeping the store staffed at all times, expect a longer than normal response time for emails. It may take us a day or two to get back to you. We can tell you what we have in stock (when we are at the shop), we can make recommendations, and we can hold things for you for the next pick-up day.

You can also call the shop on our normal number, (502)456-2734, and talk to us, on those scheduled pick-up days. Once again we can go over our stock with you, check on specific products, and even ring you up.

Payment: We are accepting 2 forms of payment. One, you can paypal us money at Management@thelouisvillegameshop.com at any time.

You can also pay us over the phone via credit card. That includes while you are outside the shop in your car.

A note on getting new products: Our options for receiveing new product are dwindling quickly. As of the time of this writing Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight and other ANA publishers are not available to order.

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